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We’re an all-in-no-bullsh*t agency that does it all. And we mean it. You’ll never find ‘half a**’ in our vocabulary. We strive for excellence. We pride ourselves on quality. And we always go above and beyond to exceed expectations.


With over 6 years of industry experience + an incredibly creative eye for editorial design, I know what it takes to build unshakeable brands. I built TKS to be the all-in-no-bullsh*t agency you know + love. With our disruptive + unique approach to brand building… everything comes down to the Kollective DNA. As your partner, we’re here to make a name for you + that’s a promise. 

Founder + Lead Designer 


The Kollective Studio was founded in March 2021 by our Founder and Lead Designer, Katie Thompson. 

With 6 years of industry experience, Katie not only has a breadth of expansive knowledge, but she also has a creative eye for editorial design. 

Her approach is what makes us different from other agencies out there. 

As the brains behind what we do, she believes that brand building should be viewed as a whole. 

Slicing and dicing it up to just a logo, some colors, and a type suite is NOT what you’ll get with us. 

We dig deep to bring elements from ideation to completion. From ordinary to extraordinary. From unseen to can’t get enough.


With over 3 years serving companies as a Social Media/Brand Specialist, I see the power social media has in today’s world. I’m extremely passionate about helping brands establish a strong digital presence + can’t wait to help TKS clients cut through the noise and gain visibility. 

Associate Social Media Manager


Our definition of success means creating an unshakeable brand for your business, your home, and your life that evolves with you as you grow.

It’s all or nothing. 

Your brand is not just a logo… not just a website… not just the colors. It’s the whole package. An entire entity. 

It’s how you talk, how you dress, how you decorate your office, how you show up online and in person. It’s an extension of you, but it’s also more than that. 

We view your brand as a living, breathing person that you need to fully style from the way it looks down to the way it speaks. Because you want that visualization to carry across everything. You want that messaging to be cohesive across every single platform. 


I have a deep passion for marketing, an eye for painting scenery, and a classic love for rodeo (📍BTR, baby). While TKS clients are getting the experience of a lifetime, I’ll be behind the scenes ensuring our internal design, long-term strategic projects, and launches are *chef’s kiss*.

Studio Strategist + Project Manager

When you look good, you feel good. When you dress the part, you become the part. So, why not apply that to your brand?

We’ve built incredibly powerful brands for spectacular individuals in a variety of industries. 

Using our expertise and unique approach to branding and design, we dramatically transform brands through the lens of a creative eye. 

The results? Confidence, strength, cohesion, and power. 

Our clients are a force to be reckoned with. After working with us, they’re getting seen. They’ve been featured in publications like Forbes, Dr. Oz, Allure, and Harper’s BAZAAR. 

The moment you build an unshakeable brand, you’ll attract the dreamiest of clients, increase your ROI, and truly take your business to the next level. 



I’m a creative at heart + lover of all things design. My passion lies in bringing people’s ideas to life. I’m so excited to help TKS clients craft magnetic brands that fully align with who they are, what they believe in, + how they impact their audience. 

Associate Brand + Web Designer


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